eTeam develops high-tech products and provides a wide range of services for consumer, commercial, industrial, medical, and homeland security markets. eTeam also provides product development services, technical support services, and Call Center services for other companies (see SERVICES).

In collaboration with American Legion – Brigadier General Frank C Bacon Jr. Post 2091, Inc., eTeam is committed to:

  • Create high-tech living wage jobs for veterans and veterans with disabilities nationwide.
  • Achieve self-sufficiency and sustained growth by marketing products and services to consumer, commercial, industrial, medical, and homeland security markets.
  • Develop products and services to promote mental well being and physical health.
  • Develop products and services for public safety, disaster preparedness, and disaster relief.
  • End homelessness and provide charitable and other humanitarian services.
In order to provide rewarding salaries and benefits to all employees, and to ensure the long-term success and sustained growth of eTeam:
  • Executive management and administrative salaries (including bonuses) are capped to ensure profitability.
  • All eTeam profits and donations are used to pay rewarding salaries and benefits to the employees of eTeam, and to fund new product development and services for the continued growth of eTeam in the future.
  Bob Benetti, CEO and Chief Technology Officer for eTeam has over 45 years of hands-on experience in product development of medical electronics, robotics, and homeland security systems. The latter 28 years of Bob’s experience have been managing remote engineering teams and individual engineers working from their homes internationally. Contact Bob
  Virgil Mathis is VP of Business Development and Veteran Affairs for eTeam.  He retired from the United States Army, Specialist E-5 Tech Sergeant.  Virgil has devoted his life’s work to the success and well-being of disabled veterans and other disadvantaged and disabled individuals, elderly citizens, and homeless veterans.

Virgil is also the Judge Advocate for American Legion Post 2091, and the Deputy Director, Veterans Affairs & Entrepreneurship with the US Minority Contractors Association in Illinois.  Contact Virgil